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Welcome! Dobro dosli! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Welcome! Dobro dosli! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Welcome! Dobro dosli! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Welcome! Dobro dosli! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Welcome! Dobro dosli! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue! Welcome! Dobro dosli! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue!

Amplify your digital presence!

Hi! Welcome to Pixerize Digital Agency.

Using our expertise in WordPress, PHP, React.js, and Next.js, we build websites and web apps that make a lasting impact, elevate your brand, simplify daily tasks and drive sales.

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Our Story

In 2015, Djordje (Đorđe) graduated in Computer Science, which got him hooked on software development. From Developer to Development Manager, he dives into coding trends, pouring passion into every project.

Commitment to web technology, innovation and customer satisfaction led to founding Pixerize Digital Agency. As a CEO, he leads a dedicated team that creates digital products worldwide, Pixerizing clients' needs for digital solutions.

Have an idea/ project? Let's talk! Whether it's English, Serbo-Croatian, or Portuguese, we are here to help with any questions you may have.

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Elevating Ideas for Success

What we do?

We provide comprehensive, customized digital transformation solutions that enable brands to achieve sustainable growth and adapt to the changing market landscape.

How we do it?

Pixerize Digital Agency team is committed to the principle that the best results are achieved through deep collaboration, the setting of clear goals and an outstanding team.


All/ Fintech/ Events/ Entertainment/ Insurance/Education/ Property/ Software/ Health/ Automotive/ Hospitaity/ Non-profit

The Team

djordje sajlovic image
Đorđe Sajlović

Our development expert with a passion for coding. At Pixerize, he uses his extensive expertise to develop exceptional solutions for our clients. Whether it's building custom websites, apps or providing project management insights, he is dedicated to delivering customised and impactful digital experiences.

dejan zuza
Dejan Žuža

Our iOS engineering expert based in Sarajevo. With years of experience, he effortlessly creates world-class apps. Beyond coding, Dejan explores his passion for photography and videography, capturing the essence of his travels with remarkable creativity.

daniel paiva
Daniel Paiva

Hailing from the vibrant city of Porto, Daniel's creative flair enchants with his design proposals. With a keen eye for detail and an innate artistic sense, he executes each project with bravura and dedication. His mission goes beyond mere design, as he offers his clients a range of customised solutions to ensure that the final design meets their expectations and goals.

Ognjen Elcic
Ognjen Elcic

Meet Ognjen, our dynamic graphic and motion designer. Renowned for his creativity, he brings a sense of both fun and professionalism to every project. Outside of work, he finds enjoyment in dancing.

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